Pye Telecom History
    80+ years history in radio communications

Pye radio communications activities evolved into;
  Pye Ltd, Pye Telecom, Philips RCS,
Philips Telecom-PMR, Simoco International,
Sepura, Team Simoco, Simoco Wireless Solutions

The virtual museum of The Pye Telecommunications Historic Collection (PTHC)

Many examples of the PTHC historic equipment  collection can be seen at the Pye HistoryTrust exhibition at CMT, Cambridge, England, CB5 8LD

Introduction to the History of Pye Telecom

This web site is dedicated to the people who worked for the radio communications companies at Pye Ltd, Pye Telecom, Philips Radio Communication Systems, Simoco International, Sepura PLC, Team Simoco, Simoco Wireless Solutions and other related Pye and Philips companies and is based on information held in the Pye Telecom Historic Collection.

The Pye Telecom Historic Collection was the Company's own internal museum, begun in 1975, and retrieved (with permission) from the closure of Simoco International in 2002.  It supplies much of the radio communications equipment and information for the Pye History Trust. The objective of preserving the Pye Telecom Historic Collection material
is to ensure that the history, application and product related technical achievements in radio communications of Pye Telecom of Cambridge, England, its forerunners and successors, can be made available for the education of the public, hence the support and information provided from PTHC to the Pye History Trust.  PTHC is supervised by the Duxford Radio Trust.

Over more than an 80 year period the radio communications activity of the Pye Group was known in the UK as Pye Ltd, Pye Telecommunications, Philips Radio Communications Systems (PRCS), Philips Telecom-PMR,  Simoco International Ltd, Sepura PLC, Team Simoco Group, Simoco Wireless Solutions etc. and by various other names overseas.

After being purchased by Philips in 1967, many parts of the Pye Group were sold or closed down by Philips Electronics UK in the 1970s and 1980s and later by private equity group Cinven in 2002, but some parts of the company such as Simoco Wireless Solutions and Sepura PLC have continued to be active in radio communications to the present day.

The story of Pye in radio communications began in early 1939 with the involvement of Pye Ltd in the development of Coastal Defence radar for the Army and airborne radar for the RAF.  In 1940 Pye began work on
two-way wireless equipment for the Army and did initial pioneering work on the artillery proximity fuze etc.  Post World War 2, Pye progressed into the development of the commercial Private Mobile Radio (PMR) industry using analogue transmission and 50 years later into the digital communications of today which use FFSK, TETRA, DPMR and TCP/IP protocols etc.

Grateful acknowledgments are due to the management and staff of Simoco Wireless Solutions Ltd of Derby for donating equipment, documents and materials for this project.  Donations of various equipment and documents from other donors are also gratefully acknowledged and listed in a separate web page on this site.

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Policewoman using a Pye PF85 portable

                            two-way radio

Policewoman using Pye Telecom PF85 portable two-way radio
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